In Bandra and Looking for an Escape from Chaos? Head to One of These 7 Cafés and Breathe easy!

There is no dearth of options in Bandra, be it in terms of food or shopping or for that matter pretty sights! But then there is no shortage or traffic and crowd and total chaos as well.

The next time you are in Bandra and want to skip the madness, head to one of these cafés and relax!

Eat Around The Corner

True to its name, it is located in a corner of a lane, far away from the hustle and bustle. The café is beautiful and trendy with comfortable indoor seating and dreamy outdoor one. They have a large variety of grub to offer from, ranging from salads to burgers and the desserts here are to die for! Grab a corner outside, under the trees and enjoy a cup of coffee and a red velvet pastry. Or make that two pastries, ‘coz no one is watching!😉

Bombay Coffee House

Bombay Coffee House is a beautiful and peaceful coffee shop on linking road. There is a variety of coffee on offer along with some delicious croissants and pastries. They also have books and board games if that is your calling for the day. What we love is to sit by the window and be lost in our work while the world goes by – Linking road is that busy, we all know it! Bombay Coffee House will be your safe heaven on this busy road!

♥ The Bagle Shop

Tucked away in a corner of Carter road, many do not know this place exists, let alone that it serves kick-ass bagels! You will find many, who just come here to work and/or discuss in silence or just enjoy a good cup of coffee. The ambience is cozy and the greenery makes it cool. The Bagle Shop should be your go-to place for fresh air, a bagel and a smoothie.

Birdsong – The Organic Café

Hidden away from the world in one of Bandra’s narrow bylanes is this amazing café  – great place, almost straight out of a song! Calm and tranquil ambience. It is one of the places you wanna get lost in for hours. They serve delicious organic food although it definitely is pricey. Go here for a great cup of coffee and a corner to immerse yourself in a great book or a good conversation.

♥ Desi Deli

Although Desi Deli is located on a really busy street and is an open-air café, it makes for a good option if you want to just stop by and watch. They serve delicious breakfast options and smoothies or you can go simple with a strong cup of coffee!

♥ Pali Village Café

Pali Village Café is much more than just a café. It is an exquisite experience. The place is quaint and has a very vintage feel to it. It is not easy on the pocket for sure, but worth the visit be it for lone musings or cozy conversations.

Candies (Pali Hill)

As mainstream as this recommendation sounds, it is a place worth mentioning. The Pali Hill outlet of Candies is both chaotic and peaceful. Pick your favourite corner and be lost there for hours on end, no one will question your presence. We love the rooftop areas, they are just perfect!

Although it is not exhaustive, hope this list helps you with your Bandra musings!

Did we miss any place that should have made it to the list? Mention it in the comments! 🙂


The Whistling Teal [Chandpole, Udaipur]

Finding The Whistling Teal was a mere fluke for us. As we wandered down the Lake Palace Road, we saw a large board that said Authentic Espresso Coffee. A claim like that is bound to make us stop in our tracks. So we did. We stopped and we crossed the road and we made our way through the huge entrance and through the climber covered door, inside the beautiful café. Or should we say garden?

Hidden away in the verandah of Jhadol Haveli from the busy street, one can not guess that such a calm and serene place exists here. It is successful in reminding one how peaceful nature can be!


The Whistling Teal makes you want to skip everything and just sit there enjoying the quiet and calm of the garden and the occasional chirping of birds or antics of squirrels.


It does not boast of a lake view or of being on a hill top but yet, The Whistling Teal is a place you should head to if you are in Udaipur. It can be romantic and cosy while being beautifully luxe at the same time.



Odd garden knick-knacks can be found all around which make walking around here really interesting. The owners also have pet dogs and rabbits and you are allowed to play with them. Aroma of coffee being brewed fills the area and the chips and barks and squeaks of birds and animals are the only music here, which by the way is more than enough!!




We were so lost in the peacefulness that we really did not think about eating anything, but we hear that they serve really lip-smacking Rajasthani dishes. We can vouch for the coffee, though! 😉 😉

The Whistling Teal calls for a visit, even if it is a detour for you!



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Café Ra – Bollywood Café & Restaurant [Chandpole, Udaipur]


Bollywood Themed Café?

Nothing new in that, right?

But finding it in one of the lanes in Chandpole, famous amongst tourists who may not know many of our stars, was pretty surprising for us.

Café Ra looks like the house of a crazy Bollywood lover, who knows every movie and every dialogue at the back of the head and has a room that is a shrine to a celebrity or Bollywood in general.

Replete with drama, Café Ra is a cute and rugged restaurant dedicated to the owner’s love for Bollywood.

In fact, the way we located this cafe was equally dramatic. We were walking down the narrow lanes of Chandpole, to find another café, when we saw some really colourful and funky looking graffiti on the side walls.

Curious we walk in and discover this fun place. The walls at each level are covered in movie posters, pictures of actors and actresses or movie names. The topmost floor is labelled Stall and has its two walls covered in paintings and movie posters. On the same wall, one can find Coolie and 3 Idiots, Umrao Jaan and Jodhaa Akbar, Pyasaa and Dil Wale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge!


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The cold coffee was something you can refrain from ordering. It was basically sugar water with a little flavour. Hot Coffee was decent.

What you must give a shot to are the parathas and other desi items. We loved the Aloo Paratha we ordered. It was huge and super delicious and spicy like we asked it to be. Served with a lip-smacking mango pickle, this one totally made our day! Another good news? It was for only ₹50!


Café Ra is a restaurant you should definitely visit for a pocket-friendly meal. Our bill came to a total of ₹150. If not the food, the paintings and the insignias and the Bollywood craziness is sure to make you smile.

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Kiki’s Café and Deli [Alibaug/Mandwa]

Imagine your closest friends, a cup or two of coffee, infectious laughter and the soothing music of the waves splashing against the coast right in front of you.

Nope, not a dream. Just get on the ferry to Mandwa and head to Kiki’s Café and Deli to enjoy a peaceful view with some good food. The cafe is located near the jetty and serves some quick bites and beverages along with an amazing view.

The interiors are fun, colourful and funky. The indoor seating is spacious with different seating to accommodate a small as well as a large group. However, the outdoor seating is the real deal, with the view of the beach, this is just amazing for a morning breakfast or an evening coffee. The cafe opens at 8 am, which is just perfect! We visited the cafe early Sunday morning for a lazy breakfast and came back happy, although a little light in the pockets!


Here is a peep into what our Sunday morning looked like, or rather, tasted like!

Egg Kejriwal: I am no master on this dish, but it tasted as good as it looks! Two runny fried eggs with lots of chillies, salt and pepper. The bread was toasted to the perfect golden brown shade and the dish overall was yummy!


The Allibugger Pizza is one of the items you should definitely give a shot. Thin crust flatbread, with mildly spicy green chutney (mint) as the base, which gave it a mouthwatering aroma. The toppings included potatoes (surprising, I know), capsicum and onions with lots of cheese! Loved it!


Green Garlic Paneer: Soft malai paneer pieces, made crispy on the outside by shallow frying them. The paneer melts in the mouth at the first bite. Tossed in a semi-dry garlic and spring onion mixture, this one was well made. The quantity is really little, though.


Kiki’s Cafe and Deli is a place to chill and unwind, away from the cacophony and pollution of Mumbai. Although it does lack music and maybe a few games to keep people more engaged, there is an option of enjoying some basic water rides at the beach. Apparently, they also arrange for speed boat rides to and fro Mumbai.

Overall Experience: The cafe is not really light on the pocket, but a splurge that is well justified. Just imagine the view and ambience in rains! The ambience is good and the service is friendly. The food is not extraordinary but a few things are good. Their pizzas especially are a good deal. Our bill came to a total of  ₹ 2910.

How to get here – Take a ferry from Gateway of India, Colaba for Mandwa. The prices range between 110 to 180, with multiple options like the upper-deck and AC sections as well in certain ferries. Speedboats are also available. There are ferries every 30 minutes but the last ferry back to Mumbai is at 7 pm. (Please check for current changes in timings and prices).

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Blue Tokai Coffee Roasters [Mahalaxmi]


We am a caffeine addict. Whoever knows us knows that we are suckers for good coffee. But our coffee universe is quite small even after being crazy about it. Recently, we have been trying to expand this universe. When you love something, you gotta know all their many faces right?

This was one aspect that attracted us to Blue Tokai Coffee Roaster. Blue Tokai Coffee is not a place for the novices, so definitely not a place for those of us (yes, us) who know two kinds of coffee – Cold Coffee and Cappuccino and sometimes a third one, Latte. Though, that should not refrain anyone of us from treating our taste buds with some strong, mind-blowing coffee.

Let’s get to some Coffee business, shall we?

Cold Brew – Black coffee served cold (and with more ice), this is not for the faint-hearted. Pour the sugar syrup with care. Very strong coffee aroma and a mild chocolaty flavour.

Coffee Tonic – Coffee meets tangy in this unique combination of tonic (red bull) and espresso. Tangy taste gives a strong caffeine kick.

Coffee Tonic

Affogato – This is more of a coffee and ice cream based dessert. Two scoops of Vanilla ice cream with espresso. You first devour the delicious coffee flavoured ice cream and then drink the coffee.



We tried some of their mind-blowing desserts and munchies as well.

Custard Cruffin – A marvellous twist to the good ‘ol croissant, delicious creamy custard oozing out with every bite. Dusted with powder sugar this beauty is a must-have here! ❤❤


Almond Croissant – Perfectly flaky and buttery, the outer layer was crisp and glazed with honey and topped with lots of almonds. The inner layers were soft, buttery and had sugar syrup, not making them too sweet, but rather just perfect ❤


Cheddar and Pepper Cookie


Overall Experience: Amazing. Just perfect. Peaceful calm ambience, good music, a window facing seat and confusingly good coffee. The service is amazing as well and they readily help you make a choice or tell you the right way to go about your coffee.

Information: The gates of this place are sometimes closed for customers because they have various coffee brewing/cake baking/etc. etc. sessions. It is better to check for updates on their social media pages before you drive all way to town and through the narrow lanes near Shakti Mills in hopes of a good cup of coffee. ‘Coz that hurts, believe us, we have been there and done that.

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Café de Goa [ Calangute, Goa]

Google the phrase ‘hidden gem’ and this is the result: Hidden gem is an idiom which means something which is extremely outstanding and not many people may know about.

Wanna the sudden language lesson?

‘Coz we landed upon one!

Hidden away from the crazy hustle and bustle of Calangute, and nestled below a maroon tower, this one is kinda easy to be mistaken as a church building if one doesn’t know of its existence. I guess that made them put up a board with their name at the street corner.


Café de Goa is the perfect place for a cup of coffee and a few board games. With its cute, cozy and relaxed vibe, it will make you want to never leave.


The bistro that offers a wide assortment of cakes, salads, sandwiches, muffins, brownies, and beverages. It also houses a grocery store with the concept of the small local store, for one’s day-to-day groceries and delicatessen and homemade produce. They also have a few souvenirs, handicrafts and some sauces and dips for sale.

A wide variety of books, magazines, and board games keep you hooked on to the place a little longer. The options for vegetarians are really few, which is a disappointment, but whatever little they have to offer is delicious.

We reached here in desperate need of coffee and ordered the Mocha (Cappuccino with Chocolate). The strong fragrance of our coffee being prepared made our mouths salivate. The coffee was delicious and perfect. Chocolaty yet strong and a pretty sight of course!😍


We tried the Vegetable Club Sandwich, which was just mindblowing! Delicious creamy sauces, mild spicy patty, loads of vegetables and cheese…. appetizing, to say the least! This one should be on your list for sure! They have a large variety of desserts, with some specials made every day. Their cupcakes and plum balls looked delectable. We tried the Chocolate Cupcake and it was toothsome. Not very sweet with the perfect icing.


Overall Experience: One word – amazing! The lovely ambience and friendly service leave you all smiles. Not many people know of the place and no one bothers you to even order another item, let alone to get up and leave. Laze away your afternoons here. And it is not too heavy on the pocket!


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