Blue Tokai Coffee Roasters [Mahalaxmi]


We am a caffeine addict. Whoever knows us knows that we are suckers for good coffee. But our coffee universe is quite small even after being crazy about it. Recently, we have been trying to expand this universe. When you love something, you gotta know all their many faces right?

This was one aspect that attracted us to Blue Tokai Coffee Roaster. Blue Tokai Coffee is not a place for the novices, so definitely not a place for those of us (yes, us) who know two kinds of coffee – Cold Coffee and Cappuccino and sometimes a third one, Latte. Though, that should not refrain anyone of us from treating our taste buds with some strong, mind-blowing coffee.

Let’s get to some Coffee business, shall we?

Cold Brew – Black coffee served cold (and with more ice), this is not for the faint-hearted. Pour the sugar syrup with care. Very strong coffee aroma and a mild chocolaty flavour.

Coffee Tonic – Coffee meets tangy in this unique combination of tonic (red bull) and espresso. Tangy taste gives a strong caffeine kick.

Coffee Tonic

Affogato – This is more of a coffee and ice cream based dessert. Two scoops of Vanilla ice cream with espresso. You first devour the delicious coffee flavoured ice cream and then drink the coffee.



We tried some of their mind-blowing desserts and munchies as well.

Custard Cruffin – A marvellous twist to the good ‘ol croissant, delicious creamy custard oozing out with every bite. Dusted with powder sugar this beauty is a must-have here! ❤❤


Almond Croissant – Perfectly flaky and buttery, the outer layer was crisp and glazed with honey and topped with lots of almonds. The inner layers were soft, buttery and had sugar syrup, not making them too sweet, but rather just perfect ❤


Cheddar and Pepper Cookie


Overall Experience: Amazing. Just perfect. Peaceful calm ambience, good music, a window facing seat and confusingly good coffee. The service is amazing as well and they readily help you make a choice or tell you the right way to go about your coffee.

Information: The gates of this place are sometimes closed for customers because they have various coffee brewing/cake baking/etc. etc. sessions. It is better to check for updates on their social media pages before you drive all way to town and through the narrow lanes near Shakti Mills in hopes of a good cup of coffee. ‘Coz that hurts, believe us, we have been there and done that.

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Pancham Puriwala [Fort]

In the bylanes of South Mumbai, many legendary places hide in plain sight. Not that these are not popular, in fact, they are more popular and deserve to be so, than most of the new eateries. Some have revamped themselves with changing times, some have decided to stay the same, some have fought hard enough but failed and some have sustained… but what is common for most of these is that they have kept traditions alive…. more so in the way the delicious food is prepared than any other.

Pancham Puriwala is one such legendary eatery in Fort. Famous for the terrific and hearty thali (a full meal, with insane variety, covering all bases – savoury main course, dessert(s) and traditional beverages),  this place had been on my list for a really long time.

As the story goes, which most of us have heard time and again, the man who started this legendary place came to Mumbai with dreams in his eyes. He started a Puri vending stall opposite VT (CST) station and his family for generations to come have nurtured it to the famous and iconic eatery that it has become! The place is not hard to find considering people know about it and then there is Google Maps! Though parking space is definitely going to be hard to find! The place is swamped, day or night, weekday or holiday, and why won’t it be? Have you seen the menu and those prices?

We visited here for lunch on a festival day, hoping for less crowd…both on the roads and in the restaurant. While the roads were actually empty (almost), the restaurant was as full as ever. In the 30 mins that we took to finish our meals… the waiting line outside had grown almost exponentially.

They have an a la carte menu as well as set thalis of different proportions… choose one depending on your appetite. We selected one Pancham Thali and one Delux Thali.

Here is what came in each thali :

Pancham Thali : 

6 vegetables/curries : Aloo ki Sabzi, Bhindi Aloo , Chole ki Sabzi , Rajma , Pakodi Kadhi and Paneer ki Sabzi.

3 types of puris : All filled with masala and dal, delicious and not overly oily – Regular masala puri, Palak based masala puri, and Beet Root based masala puri.

Along with these, there was Paneer Pulao, Dahi Bada, Papad, Gulab Jamun and a Glass of Chas.

Delux Thali : 

5 vegetables/curries : Aloo ki Sabzi, Bhindi (mix) , Chole ki Sabzi , Pakodi Kadhi and Paneer ki Sabzi.

3 types of puris : All filled with masala and dal, delicious and not overly oily – Regular masala puri, Palak based masala puri, and Beet Root based masala puri.

Along with these, there was Special rice, Raita, Papad, and Kheer.



Every single curry/sabzi had a marvelous taste.

Aloo ki sabzi was delicious, much like that made in mom’s kitchen, adequately spiced with lots of chilli flakes. Apt to be eaten with rice, puris or even alone! Rajma had a Punjabi style thick gravy with onion and coriander, my favourite! Chole ki sabzi was another delight. Pakodi Kadhi was delicious, not spicy but did not lack in taste either, with the pakoris perfectly soft and having a taste of their own as well! Bhindi Aloo was a tad disappointing compared to the rest of them, a little on the drier side. Paneer ki Sabzi  was a delight with a delicious gravy and soft paneer pieces.

The Masala Puris were delicious, the masala making them good enough to be eaten alone without any curry. Paneer Pulao had pieces of paneer, beans, and peas and was good. Raita on the other hand (in Delux Thali) was really watery. Dahi Bada had a little more of the sweet chutney, so if you aren’t a fan of that, tell them to skip the tamarind chutney (I couldn’t coz I did not know it would be sweet). Gulab Jamun and Kheer were delicious. Not very sweet and just delicious. Chass was good too and we went for two extras!


We also tried the Gulab Lassi, was was a thick creamy lassi with rose syrup. Delicious, both in taste and aroma. Absolutely loved it!!



The Pancham Thali was priced at Rs. 130 (no we did not miss a zero there!) and Delux Thali at Rs. 100. Our total bill came out to be only Rs. 300!! Super value for money, no?

Pancham Puriwala – Google Maps

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