Mockingbird Cafe Bar [Churchgate]

I passed by you and looked at you longingly but carried on my way…😍

I checked you out and bookmarked you but never stepped inside….😱

That is what happened every time I passed the brown door, the name of the restaurant peeking through the green foliage. I always thought to myself, ‘I have to visit this place’, and finally we did! Mockingbird Cafe Bar is a library cafe or a food-library as they call it, dedicated to amazing books and some delicious food (with a twist). A beautiful, happening place welcomes you as you pull open that door.


Words and quotes cover the walls, lights and art hang from the ceiling, and you might take a few minutes just to select the spot where you wanna sit at. It has a mezzanine seating, with books stuck in the walls. These are some of the owner’s favourite books. A small blue clock here and a random quote from a great book there, the place is a maze! The bar area is done up in striking red and black and just screams for attention, which you would happily give it!

The place was packed with a crowd of all age groups. The service was quick despite the fact that it was a packed Saturday afternoon. The menu is wide with something for everyone, from sandwiches to pasta, from cocktails to coffee!


Just like that, for no reason, we started with Swiss Chocolate Roll. Even before we tell you anything else, we have to say, if you visit here and do not try this, might as well skip the visit. This is just so good! Soft, melt-in-the-mouth cake covered in lip-smacking chocolate.  The delicious chocolate sauce, the central blueberry cream layer and the bed of vanilla just added to the taste! We had the perfect start! 😍


We then ordered Hummus Platter with Red Pepper, Basil and Thai dips – The dips served were very fresh and delicious. Our favourite one was the Red Pepper Hummus which was a little more spiced compared to the other two subtle flavours. The dips could really be licked off the bowl and eaten without any bread! The crisp Lavash and Pita served with the platter were fresh.

Nacho Salad was just heavenly. 
Creme Brulee

Overall Experience: One word- Amazing!! Just perfect. The ambience, the decor, service and the food. All were above excellence!

Mockingbird Cafe Bar – Google Maps

Mockingbird Cafe Bar Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

6 thoughts on “Mockingbird Cafe Bar [Churchgate]

  1. Wish 🙇could see the proper dimensions of the Swiss Chocolate roll ,it would have added a pinch of yum to it.
    Nevertheless. …was Amazing👍!


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